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On a golf tour Terres Indiennes will help you improve your game by taking you to some of the finest courses in the world. Offered year around, summer and winter, you can play any time of the year. We offer many flexible options to perfect your swing such as access to special courses, and private lessons by coaches or local professionals.

There are a considerable number of golf courses in the United States and best known are not necessarily the best. Our "know-how" gives us the opportunity to advise on the practice of this sport in places unknown to most. Our brand prestige Blastour Luxury Travel will give you an overview of our expertise.

Did you know that the number of golf courses present on American soil represents 50% of the total number of routes in the world ?

On the entire territory, spread over 17,000 golf courses. Accessible to all, we will find the greens that are best suited to your customers.