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Terres Indiennes – Indian Land Inc. is an American receptive tour operator based in Los Angeles, California with a satellite office in Paris, France.

Founded in 2000 by Véronique Lawson, an expert in the tourism sector since 1987, Terres Indiennes – Indian Land Inc. is now up a key player in the development of tourism in the USA.
Our team is composed of travel and tourism professionals who have worked in the US as well as around the world. Our mastery of the terrain and our extensive knowledge of tourism allow us to be reactive and respond quickly to your inquiries, providing you a complete proposal in perfect harmony with your expectations. Our regular presence in Europe enables us to respond quickly to your inquiries and refine them before submitting them to our California or Florida offices.

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As a receptive tour operator our goal is to meet the needs of travel and tour agencies while ensuring quality service. Your request is a priority and we are committed to answer you as soon as possible. While our multilingual and multicultural Francophone team accompanies you throughout your project.

All  of our services offered are closely followed by our office in Los Angeles and include 24/7 assistance in French to you and your customers.

We ensure that their stay is optimal and keep in regular contact with them while we keep you informed.

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- Tours for Ad Hoc Groups : We offer group travel with original routes. Accompanied by our expert guides, your clients will discover the USA and gain further understand the Anglo-Saxon culture in an American continent.

- Tours for Guaranteed Departure Groups: Groups of individuals grouped allows us to offer attractive rates for your individual clients.

- Fly and Drive Tours: With over 900 referenced hotels, with everything from family friendly hotels to 5 diamond luxury hotels, our groups and FIT services are able to support you and customize your projects.

- "Fly and Drive - Golf in the United States."

- Harley-Davidson Route 66 Specialist: What's more attractive than a Road Trip on Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica?

- Luxury Vehicle Tours: Mustang GT Cabriolet, Porsche Cabriolet, Camaro SS in California and all across the United States.

- Theme and a la Carte Tours: You want to offer your customers a trip centered around an original idea? Do not hesitate to contact our team by indicating the desired theme. We will offer an original route for travel groups or individual stays.

- The business tourism: Incentive, convention and events.


Adventure Tour

The United States consist of numerous national parks and breathtaking scenery. What is more beautiful than to discover these landscapes by mountain bike or ATV?

The American West is the promised land for sports fans of all terrains. The mountain bike will allow you to admire the American landscape in a new way!

Mountain biking is a real challenge for the sports enthusiasts. Climb up and down the Colorado River on a tumultuous paths hugging the edge of the red rocks of Canyonlands National Park in northern Utah.

An Adventure Tour of the United States will allow you to enjoy the landscapes and scenic views, while experiencing adrenaline and thrill. We can make your tour, either in group or individual, accessible to all. Whether you are an expert or beginner, we guarantee a quality adventure tour.

● Golf ●



On a golf tour Terres Indiennes will help you improve your game by taking you to some of the finest courses in the world. Offered year around, summer and winter, you can play any time of the year. We offer many flexible options to perfect your swing such as access to special courses, and private lessons by coaches or local professionals.

There are a considerable number of golf courses in the United States and best known are not necessarily the best. Our "know-how" gives us the opportunity to advise on the practice of this sport in places unknown to most. Our brand prestige Blastour Luxury Travel will give you an overview of our expertise.

Did you know that the number of golf courses present on American soil represents 50% of the total number of routes in the world ?

On the entire territory, spread over 17,000 golf courses. Accessible to all, we will find the greens that are best suited to your customers.



Terres Indiennes created Blastour Luxury Travel as a prestige brand to offering atypical tours. Behind the wheel of a Porsche, Mustang GT, Aston Martin or Ferrari, you will take on the most famous US routes such as Highway One or Route 66 and enjoy magnificent views.

For the motorcycle enthusiasts we offer the Pure Rider experience which gives you the opportunity to create the motorcycle tour of your dreams. From current year Harley-Davidson models, but also the famous Indian Roadmaster. To benefit fully from this experience and for optimum comfort you will be accompanied by a guide in a support vehicle responsible for transporting your belongings.

Blastour Luxury Travel, is also an experience "engine,” organizing tous at numerous sporting events such as the famous NASCAR races the famous Las Vegas and Miami speedways.

Blastour Luxury Travel offers you the chance to live your passion through an exceptional experience.

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Terres Indiennes, Inc.

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Tel :  + 1 (718) 915 6523
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Indian Land.
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Tel: + 1 (818) 347 3922
Fax: + 1 (818) 347 3979


Véronique Lawson, President : v.lawson@terresindiennes.com

Group department :
Agathe Grandidier : a.grandidier@terresindiennes.com
Sara Rivas : s.rivas@terresindiennes.com (Spanish spoken also)

FIT department :
 Laurence Despiegel : l.despiegel@terresindiennes.com
Lori Cecchinel : l.cecchinel@terresindiennes.com
Camille Blaise: c.blaise@terresindiennes.com

Incentive department (New York) :
Isabelle Mary : I.mary@terresindiennes.com

Sales team :
Philippe Lesel : p.lesel@terresindiennes.com / Tel France: +33 (0) 6 31 16 52 90
Lionel Roque : l.roque@terresindiennes.com / Tel France: +33 (0) 6 27 27 76 39